International Financing for Development

Rethinking the international architecture of development finance


↪ Influencing the debate on international development architecture.

↪ Promote the consideration of structural vulnerabilities in the allocation of concessional funds.

↪ Assess the effectiveness of external funding for development.

Achievements 2023-2024

International Architecture of Development Finance. The Chair organised a series of eight conferences and debates in the run-up to the Summit for a New Global Financial Pact (Paris, 22-23 June 2023), resulting in ten main recommendations for an overhaul of the global financial architecture. The Chair's activities have received the support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty.

20th anniversary of FERDI. Examination of four major issues too often left in the shadows in international negotiations, and to which FERDI is giving priority for the second phase of its Architecture Chair activities: mobilizing sustainably, allocating equitably and efficiently between countries, financing entrepreneurship and de-risking for impact, ensuring accountability of public commitments.

Studies on fuel taxation for civil aviation and maritime transport. The aim is to contribute to the international debate by providing recommendations based on research findings.
Conditionality in aid. Study for the Swedish aid evaluation office (EBA), providing a review of the academic literature over the last 20 years on the evolution, nature and effectiveness of conditionality. It is supplemented by a short note from FERDI (B266, Boussichas M., Guillaumont P., Guillaumont Jeanneney S., 2024) and a contribution to the AIFD chair.

Database on public development banks. La FERDI has joined forces with Agence Française de Développement and the Institute for New Structural Economics at Peking University to update and expand this database, created as part of the Finance en Commun summit, which lists more than 500 institutions worldwide and provides their year of creation, mandate, total assets, etc. FERDI is updating and improving this database, working to create a typology of development banks and to identify dual institutions. And the consortium aims to use it for academic work.


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