International Financing for Development

FERDI's research activities on international aid effectiveness and aid allocation policies have contributed to international discussions and helped in the taking account of vulnerabilities in financing for development.


  • Identify, measure, and differentiate financing flows for development
  • Ensure that international financing considers the vulnerabilities of countries.
  • Assess the effectiveness of external financing for development
  • Reviewing the international financing architecture

Achievements 2022

Continued support for the establishment of a multidimensional vulnerability index within the United Nations. This index can be used to allocate concessional funds between countries

Participation in the international debate on the modalities and implications of the reallocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), highlighting the challenges it poses (papers B221, P298, B223), its impact on the evolution of IMF instruments (B227), and how to take vulnerabilities into account in this reallocation (P299, B229).

Evaluation of the evolution of conditionality in Sweden's international development aid, commissioned by the Swedish Aid Evaluation Board (EBA). 

Establishment of the Chair in International Architecture of Development Finance to contribute to development of  the desired global system of financing for development in the current international context, drawing on lessons learned from the last 75 years.

Contributions to the Summit on a new global financial pact scheduled for June 22 and 23, 2023 in Paris, with a focus on financing vulnerable countries. These contributions were prepared with the support of the Ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. 

FERDI supported by AFD, has developed a research programme on public development banks (BPD). A study on the countercyclicality of West African public banks highlighted the role of BPDs in stimulating economic recovery after a crisis. The results of this study were published in Études et Documents (FERDI and AFD) and presented at FICS 2022 in Abidjan on October 18, 2022. 


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