Impact Investing Chair

The Impact Investing Chair is a tool for influencing and supporting decision-making in both the public and private sectors. Chair’s work is driven by practical implementation.

Why a chair on impact investment?

Impact investment is a fast-growing asset class internationally. However, the definition of impact investing itself remains unclear: it is neither for-profit nor a socially responsible investment, although it has close links with social entrepreneurship. There is also no general method or framework for measuring the impact of investments. Each investor defines and applies their own.

The Impact Investment Chair aims to:

  • Provide a better understanding of the impact investing sector in Africa;  
  • Contribute to a standardization of the concept, which is essential for its legitimacy and for understanding the capacities and limits of impact investment;
  •  Study the effects of impact investing on the development of African countries; 
  • Propose a reflection on the current questions that arise on the sustainable development of this sector. 

Its work will cover the activities of impact investors across the African continent. 

Work areas

  1. Conceptualization: (i) improving definitions of impact investing for a better use in the public and private stakeholders' policies (ii) critical analysis of the limits and contradictions of the concept;
  2. Critical analysis of impact measurement and proposal for operational methods;
  3. Sectoral, geographical, and thematic mapping of impact investors' activity;
  4. Analysis, evaluation, and comparison of legal and financial structures used by impact investors;
  5. Analysis of intervention and support policies for the impact investing sector by public and private stakeholders.

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