A retrospective Economic Vulnerability Index

The Economic Vulnerability Index (EVI), built by the United Nations with the contribution of the Ferdi (see LDC program), is available on an updated retrospective version.

The Economic Vulnerability Index (EVI) is available on a retrospective version based on the new definition of the index adopted in 2015 for the LDC Review by the United Nations - DESA - CDP. 
Sosso Feindouno and Michaël Goujon have indeed computed an annual retrospective EVI, covering the period 1990-2013 for 145 developing countries.

It complements a previous work of Patrick Guillaumont and Joël Cariolle in 2011 who built an annual retrospective EVI covering the period 1975-2008 for 128 developing countries ​based on the 2006-09 UN-CDP definition of the EVI.

Build Your Own Economic Vulnerability Index

December 2014: Ferdi launches an innovative tool to build your own Economic Vulnerability Index.

The "build your index" website http://byind.ferdi.fr/ uses retrospective EVI data that the Ferdi regularly produced and makes available to the public on its website. The current series cover 145 developing countries from the 1970s to 2016.



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