Florian LÉON


Florian Léon is a Research Officer at the Foundation for Studies and Research on International Development (FERDI).

He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Clermont Auvergne (CERDI) and has just finished a post-doctorate at the University of Luxembourg. 

His research focuses on the dynamics of business and finance in Africa. In the continuity of his thesis, he studies recent developments in African financial markets and their implications for access to finance (competition, entry of pan-African banks, increasing interactions between banks, and microfinance). He is also interested in the dynamics of firm growth.

Specifically, he examines how finance affects a firm’s growth trajectory and how firms behave in a risky world (protection strategy, business resilience following a shock). His papers have been published in several scientific journals including Economic Development and Cultural Change, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, and Economic Modelling. 

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