Tertius ZONGO

Tertius Zongo

Former Prime Minister , Burkina Faso
Director of the Chair Sahel, FERDI
Senior Fellow


Tertius Zongo is Director of the Sahel Chair of the Foundation for International Development Studies and Research (FERDI), a Senior Fellow at FERDI, and a member of FERDI’s executive committee.

He is also a Senior consultant and a corporate administrator. A former Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso, he held senior positions in the Burkina Faso administration and taught at the University of Ouagadougou and the Ecole Nationale des Régies Financières.

As a consultant, he has supported several governments in coordinating actions, managing for results, and strengthening dialogue between Government and the Private sector.

Tertius Zongo has a detailed knowledge of development and financing issues. His recent contributions have focused on addressing fragility factors in development policies under the lead of the Transition Department of the African Development Bank (AfDB). He also worked on development in insecure areas with FERDI. He is co-author of several publications, including "Linking Security and Development - A plea for the Sahel", Ferdi, 2016 

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