Chair in International Architecture of Development Finance

For a better international financing of vulnerable countries

The Foundation for International Development Studies and Research (FERDI) has created a chair in 2022 on the "International Architecture of Development Finance". The purpose of this chair is to tackle the basic reforms that are desirable in this architecture. The thinking is led by a small group of personalities known for their extensive experience in the field, all acting in a personal capacity. The purpose of the group is to independently examine what the global system of financing for development should become in light of the current international situation and the lessons learned since the Second World War.


A series of seminars in view of the Summit on financing for development in vulnerable countries

With the French support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, the Chair's programme has been adapted to the announcement made by the President of the Republic of France of a Summit to be held on June in Paris on the financing of vulnerable countries, aiming to design a “financial pact” with them. 

The Chair is organising six events, each on a theme related to the Summit. They will be supported by documents formulating the Chair's proposals, which will be discussed during the events with various external personalities.


1. Purposes and recipients of public development funding. How to reach vulnerable countries?
Monday 13 March afternoon. Paris - Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

2. Access to climate and environment funds. What role for multilateral development banks?
Friday 17 March afternoon. Paris, Ministry of Economy and Finance

3. Diversification and fragmentation of public financing for development. How to set up coherence?
Tuesday 4 April afternoon. Paris, Ministry of Economy and Finance

4. Avoiding a new debt crisis. Financial engineering or development dynamics?
Friday 7 April afternoon. Paris, Banque de France, in association with Fin Dev Lab

5. Public support for private funding . What legitimisation through impact? What risk mitigation methods? What is the specificity of agriculture?
Monday 22 May; duration: 1 day. Paris, Hôtel de l'Industrie

6. The basis for a "financial pact". How can conditionality and procedures be reformed to increase the effectiveness of public funding?
Friday 26 May afternoon. Clermont-Ferrand, Ferdi

The Foundation for International Development Studies and Research (FERDI) is a think tank whose mission is to influence the international development debate through research findings.  It is a non-profit, independent think tank that mobilises high-level development researchers from the North and South.

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