Digital Trust Chair

The Foundation for Studies and Research on International Development (FERDI) and Be-Ys are combining their efforts on the digital transformation of African economies.

FERDI and Be-Ys, the international group which is pioneering secure and controlled digital transactions, share the conviction that digital trust is a real opportunity for Africa to reposition itself in the global economic hierarchy.

FERDI and Be-Ys have joined forces to study, analyze, understand, and formulate recommendations to promote the digital transformation of African economies.

Digital Trust: An Opportunity for Africa

In Africa, digital growth prospects, as well as the need for investment and appropriate reforms, are important. 

By contributing to the emergence and diffusion of innovations in trade, agriculture, financial services, or transport and contributing to the modernization of public administrations (including tax administrations) the digitization of the economy is revolutionizing economic exchanges and stimulating growth, employment, and poverty reduction.

It is now generally accepted that the digital revolution could be more a revolution for developing countries, especially African countries, than for of industrialized countries. 

However, the issue is not only technological. 

Digital Trust - built on four pillars - network integrity and quality of service, privacy and data protection, protection of childhood, and prevention of piracy and theft - is an essential factor in the development of digital technology.


↪ Measure the impacts of the deployment of submarine cables and the impact of digital distribution.

↪ Measure the impact of digitalization on African economies.

↪ Formulate recommendations aimed at promoting the digital transformation of African economies.

Achievements 2023-2024

↪ International conference on digital trust organized at ENSEA in Abidjan on November 29 and 30, 2023. The conference opened by Nialé Kaba, Minister of Economy, Planning and Development of Côte d'Ivoire notably made it possible to present and discuss the conclusions of the book Mobile Phones and Development in Africa: Does the Evidence Meet the Hype? The discussions highlighted the potential of mobile telephony, the importance of digitalization of SMEs, digital use by the State for resource management, and the role of the Internet in democracy. A report is available on the FERDI website.

↪ Support for the pilot project to strengthen the financial inclusion of agricultural households in Niger through mobile payment. Led by Jenny Aker, the project should present its first results during the summer of 2024.

↪ Studies are being carried out on the impact of digital connectivity on agricultural markets, household well-being and farm productivity in WAEMU.

La chaire numérique est co-dirigée par Jenny C. Aker, Professeur à l’université de Tufts et Fatoumata Ba, fondatrice du fonds d’investissement Janngo.


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