Allocating flows according to vulnerabilities

FERDI has long advocated for the use of a vulnerability index in the allocation criteria of multilateral donors. Through its work on multidimensional vulnerability, FERDI aims to contribute to contribute to the renewal of the debate.

In 2023, FERDI's 15-year advocacy effort reached a pivotal point. Four international meetings provided the opportunity to update, develop, and share arguments for considering vulnerability in aid allocation criteria. These meetings featured Presidents, Ministers, the Secretaries General of the Commonwealth and the Francophonie, the High Representative of the UN-OHRLLS, Vice-presidents of multilateral development banks, and the President of the WAEMU Commission. 

Towards Adapted Allocation Formulas

To operationalize its recommendations, FERDI is working on how to adapt allocation formulas and determine the best indicator of vulnerability to use, urging multilateral development banks to adopt an index based on the principles of the multidimensional vulnerability index developed by the United Nations.

Priority to Vulnerable Countries

At the Financing for Development Forum in April 2024, France recommended that vulnerability be taken into account in allocation, and decided to give priority to the least developed countries (LDCs) and a complementary list of vulnerable countries for the allocation of its official development assistance (ODA).

FERDI continues to play a key role in the evolution of aid allocation criteria, striving for greater recognition of countries' vulnerabilities and amore equitable allocation of resources. 

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