Regional and international integration

Since its creation, FERDI, with CERDI, has been involved in partnership with the WAEMU and CEMAC Commissions on regional integration issues in the Franc Zone. FERDI has also analyzed the effects of trade policies on developing countries, and has developed various trade-related indicators.

This work, after a diagnosis of the state of integration in its various aspects, has led to many recommendations for strengthening regional integration in the Franc Area and promoting growth and development. The results have been, and continue to be, widely disseminated to institutions and unions in the Franc Zone and beyond. 

FERDI's research focuses on: 

  • Measuring political commitment to regional integration;
  • Strengthening competitiveness in the WAEMU, through the development of regional infrastructure;
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of CEMAC through the reform of multilateral surveillance and the integrated recovery of the area's economies; 
  • Tax harmonization in the Franc Zone;
  • The prospects for reforming currency unions;
  • The rise of non-tariff measures (NTMs) and the challenges facing the international trading system.

Results and Impact

  • FERDI's work on ways to reduce trade costs and strengthen regional integration in the Franc Zone has influenced the reforms that have been carried out;
  • The CEMAC Council of Ministers adopted the reform of the multilateral surveillance system recommended by FERDI;
  • FERDI worked with CEMAC to develop a recovery plan for its 6 member countries after the fall in oil prices;
  • FERDI proposed a regional budget allocation mechanism to the African Development Bank;
  • FERDI supports CEMAC in the implementation of an economic recovery plan with monitoring indicators and an implementation schedule.


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