Energy Transition, Resources, and Environment

In all its programmes, FERDI integrates environmental issues, particularly those related to climate. This specific programme presents FERDI's work focused more specifically on the energy transition.


 Design a concerted policy to reduce barriers (tariff and non-tariff) to trade in environmental goods.

 Assess the impact of mini-grids and decentralised electrification on development. 

 Advocate at COP meetings that commitments to mitigation and adaptation, and not just mitigation, be met for and by poor and vulnerable countries.

Achievements 2022-2023

Organisation of conferences and sessions before, during and after COP27: The ghosts of the COPs, from Glasgow to Sharm El-Sheikh

Publication of a special issue of the Revue d'économie du développement on "l'Afrique face au changement climatique: quels choix financiers?" following the Banque de France-FERDI-AFD Conference in 2021.

Publication of several articles and blogs by Jaime de Melo and Jean-Marc Solleder (University of Geneva) on the African continent's contribution to CO2 emissions. The authors highlight the urgent need to help these countries not only to adapt, but also to reduce their carbon footprint, which is high in relation to GDP.

Analysis, in connection with the previous programme, of the correlation between competitiveness and sustainability, with in particular an article illustrating the impact of the depreciation of the real effective exchange rate on CO2 emissions in poor countries.

Analysis of climate-oriented financing, in connection with the "International development financing" programme.

 Development of a method for assessing the impact of decentralised electrification projects, based on NTL (night time lights) data obtained from satellite observations and coordinated by Jean-Claude Berthelemy and Mathilde Maurel (Université Paris 1 and FERDI). The results of this work will help build capacity for monitoring/evaluating mini grid projects and planning investment programmes for the electrification of the African continent. 

Partnership with CLUB-ER to assess the impact of mini grids in Burkina Faso and Madagascar.

Collaboration with Electriciens sans frontières to assess the impact of Madagascar's Cafés-lumière project. The project launched in 2019, just before the cafés were installed, should conclude in 2023 with the first "post-project" survey results.


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