Conduct an economic and financial analysis of a decentralized electrification project

Conduct an economic and financial analysis of a decentralized electrification project
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Training organized by the African Association for Rural Electrification / CLUB-ER in partnership with the Institut des Hautes Etudes du Développement Durable (IHEDD).

The African Rural Electrification Association / CLUB-ER and the Africa Mini-Grid Community of Practice proposed to their member a capacity building programme within : « Growing Government Engagement in Energy Access » project. 

The Institut des Hautes Études du Développement Durable (IHEDD) was a partner of the training on the economic and financial analysis of decentralized rural electrification projects (theme 1 of the serie).


Financing is very important to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Regarding SDG7, The World Bank’s has estimated that nearly $20 billion are required for universal electrification across Sub-Saharan Africa, with about $10 billion annually needed for West and Central Africa. 

However, after this COVID-19 pandemic, resources are becoming scarce, and the order of priorities is likely to be modified.

Thus, to successfully complete energy access programs, it is important on the one hand to make good use of the available funds and, on the other hand, to be familiar with financing available.


The objective was to provide participants with tools:

  • To become familiar with the economic and financial parameters and indicators.
  • To know how to break down the project into different costs, from internal and external costs to provisions for risks.
  • To know how to analyse a financial offer.
  • To understand the different issues and challenges of financing.

Pratical informations

This certification course required an estimated 10 hours of work for the learners. This training combined the flexibility of e-learning with digital content available 7/7, 24h/24h, and meetings with experts so that they were able to answer different questions and share their experiences in the field. 


 Jérémy Gallet : Administrator of Electricien sans frontière.