Data: Collaborative Smart Mapping of Mini-grid Action (CoSMMA)

Smart mapping of decentralized electrification projects

FERDI has initiated a project of smart mapping of decentralized electrification projects, CoSMMA: Collaborative Smart Mapping of Mini-grid Action.

The ambition of the CoSMMA project is to establish a smart mapping of the effects produced by decentralized electrification projects and to identify best practices. To this end, CoSMMA documents for each project its technical, economic and organizational characteristics as well as the effects observed by evaluators of these projects on the social and environmental economic well-being of the populations concerned.

To date, the CoSMMA database has collected 2712 effects produced by 403 decentralized electrification projects identified by the authors of 125 evaluative studies published for the most part in scientific journals or otherwise in working papers submitted to a peer review committee. 

The growth over time in the implementation of decentralized systems evaluated in publications is a reflection of the growing interest of developers in decentralized electrification project.


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