Impact of decentralised electrification projects

FERDI is mapping decentralised electrification projects and analysing their impact on economic development and poverty reduction.



Collaborative Smart Mapping of Mini-grid Action
Under the direction of Jean-Claude Berthelemy (University of Paris 1/FERDI), FERDI has developed a database of decentralised electricity projects and their effects: the COSMMA database (Collaborative Smart Mapping of Mini-grid Action).

Meta-analysis of the CoSMMA database
The objective of the meta-analysis of the CoSMMA database is to determine which characteristics of decentralized electrification projects are most likely to have positive impacts on sustainable development: Berthelemy J-C, Millien A. (2018) "Impact of decentralized electrification projects on sustainable development: A meta-analysis", FERDI Working paper P240, November).

Collaboration with WAEMU
For WAEMU, FERDI has published a report on the assessment and prospects for decentralized electrification in the WAEMU region. The conclusions of this report were published as a working document: Berthelemy J-C., Nossek V. (2018) "Decentralized electrification in WAEMU: lessons from experience and recommendations", FERDI Brief note B182, December 2018). The publication of this report resulted in a collaboration with ECREEE (ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency).

Development of a method for assessing the impact of decentralised electrification projects, based on NTL (night time lights) data obtained from satellite observations
This work is coordinated by Jean-Claude Berthelemy and Mathilde Maurel (Université Paris 1 and FERDI). The results will help build capacity for monitoring/evaluating mini grid projects and planning investment programmes for the electrification of the African continent. This study is carried out in partnership with Club ER and in collaboration with Electriciens sans frontières.


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