Consultation on the World Bank Group Strategy for Fragility, Conflict and Violence

June 13, 2019, Paris

Laurent Wagner and Sosso Feindouno (FERDI), presented the vulnerability indicators developed by FERDI.

The World Bank Group is developing its first formal strategy for Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV). The objective of the strategy is to address the drivers of FCV in affected countries and their impact on vulnerable populations, with the ultimate goal of contributing to peace and prosperity.

In this context, the Bank Group seeks the views and contributions of stakeholders around the world on how it can more effectively carry out its mission in FCV contexts.

Cyrille Pierre, Director of Sustainable Development, at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Franck Bousquet, Senior Director of the Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV) Group at the World Bank, organized a meeting in Paris to which French development actors (AFD, Ministries of Foreign and European Affairs, associations, NGOs and think tanks including FERDI) were invited.

Laurent Wagner and Sosso Feindouno, Research Officers at FERDI, presented the various vulnerability indicators on which the foundation has been working for several years.