Stakeholders Consultations for the UN Review of the Implementation of the Commitments Made Towards Africa’s Development

May 16, 2017 > May 17, 2017, Paris

Matthieu Boussichas presented the work of FERDI on security and development, health, physical vulnerability to climate change and on African State commitment to regional integration index.

The Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA), in coordination with relevant entities of the United Nations system, has embarked in a new series of consultations in preparation of the third review of the implementation of the commitments made towards Africa's development. 

The UN Secretary-General’s biennial reports on the review of the implementation of the commitments made towards Africa’s development aim to provide important contributions in reviewing the implementation of commitments made by African countries and their development partners in key thematic areas of significance to Africa’s development. This has unique added value as the only monitoring mechanism for Africa established by the UN General Assembly, with universal coverage across all actors and a fully inclusive process, based on the principle of mutual accountability.

The third report, which will be submitted to the 73rd session of the General Assembly in October 2018, will be focused on the following themes and cross-cutting issues:

  • Inclusive and sustainable industrialization and regional integration
  • Health, water and sanitation
  • Climate change
  • Finance and partnerships
  • Cross-cutting issues: 
    • Peace and security 
    • Gender and youth 
    • Education 
    • Migration 
    • Wider partnership issues 
    • Data availability and statistical capacity 

The report will focus specifically of the delivery of commitments, the impact achieved and the challenges encountered and the way forward, differentiating among traditional and new and emerging partners. It will, as in previous reports, include a final section with its overall conclusions and policy recommendations delineated by actor: African countries, OECD-DAC partners, and new and emerging development partners.

Matthieu Boussichas, Programme Manager at the FERDI, participated in the consultative meeting organised on 16-17 May 2017 in Paris.

This consultation was the opportunity for Matthieu Boussichas to present the work of FERDI, in particular the report “Linking security and development – A Plea for the Sahel” and its main messages. During the session dedicated to health issues, he has also underlined the importance to introduce universal health coverage to attend SDGs, what requires health systems strengthening. Concerning Climate change commitments, he has highlighted the added value of the Index of Physical Vulnerability to Climate Change (PVCCI) developed by Ferdi to better assess vulnerabilities and needs of countries. To monitor commitments of African Countries in terms of regional integration, he has also emphasized the utility of the Commitment to Regional Integration Index produced by Ferdi in collaboration with CEMAC and WAEMU Commissions.   

The next consultation will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 29 - 30 June 2017 (co-organizers: OSAA and UNESCAP).

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