Allocating flows according to vulnerabilities

FERDI has long advocated for the use of a vulnerability index in the allocation criteria of multilateral donors, and hopes to contribute to the renewal of the debate with its work on multidimensional vulnerability.

The analysis of different forms of vulnerability (economic, climatic, and socio-political) has resulted in a large number of publications and studies aimed at developing appropriate indicators.


Initiatives such as the Commonwealth Secretariat's Universal Vulnerability Index and the United Nations' Multidimensional Vulnerability Index build on FERDI's work on vulnerability indicators. 

At the request of, and with the support of, the French Treasury and the African Development Bank, FERDI, incollaboration with the African Development Bank, is carrying out a study presenting ideas for the future of the African Development Fund (ADF) in the framework of its 15th budget cycle covering the period 2020-2022. FERDI is advocating that the reform of the ADF allocation formula should take into account the fragility of countries as well as their performance.

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