The Rationale of the Least Developed Countries Category over Half a Century in brief

The category became effective in 1971 after a decision of UNGA and through a first identification of (25) LDCs by the Committee for Development Planning, since 1998 become Committee for Development Policy (CDP). The creation of the category was agreed only after several years of international discussion on the need to officially recognize a group of « least advanced » developing countries as beneficiaries of special measures. Indeed the category was conceived as an exception in the UN international development strategy. A « category support » was preferred to a gradual one, such as a support tailored according to continuous criteria, although these criteria may be used for and beyond the category. To mobilize a specific support from the international community the category and its criteria should be perceived as legitimate.

Guillaumont P. (2021) The Rationale of the Least Developed  Countries Category over Half a  Century in brief, Ferdi Noye brève B224, décembre.

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