FERDI is a think tank which was created in 2003. Its primary, research-based purpose, is to influence the international discussion on major development issues.

Independent and not-for-profit, FERDI mobilizes high-level researchers in the field of international development and offers relevant and innovative thinking on the key issues in development economics.
FERDI is particularly active on issues related to development effectiveness, sustainable development, and global governance.


FERDI, the Foundation for Studies and Research on International Development was created in 2003 at the initiative of CERDI, the Center for Studies and Research on International Development. CERDI is the leading French research institution in development issues and remains a key scientific partner of FERDI. Patrick Guillaumont is the founder and President of FERDI.

FERDI is located in Clermont-Ferrand with offices in Paris, Ouagadougou, and Washington.

In 2018, FERDI created a Sahel Chair in Ouagadougou to provide a detailed local analysis of the situation in the Sahel.

FERDI’s missions

  • To improve understanding of economic issues related to emerging and developing countries, especially for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and French-speaking countries.  
  • To support the contributions of French, European, and Francophone research to the international debate on sustainable development. 
  • To share research knowledge with public and private organizations and businesses, and to make concrete, tailored recommendations to global, regional, and national development policy decision-makers.
  • To strengthen the capacity of developing countries to design and to implement sustainable development policies, by the organization of training programs.


  • Research work is divided into 9 thematic programs
  • Publication of books, reports, working documents, and policy briefs in French and in English
  • Publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • Organization of conferences and workshops
  • Presentations at international conferences
  • Recommendations to international development decision-makers and stakeholders (United Nations, European Commission, OECD, World Bank, regional development banks, development agencies, etc.)
  • Organization of training courses within the framework of the French Institut des Hautes études du développement durable


The Foundation provides its expertise on theses major topics:

Development effectiveness

  • International Development Finance
  • Tax policies and internal financing systems
  • Regional and international integration

Sustainable development

  •  Climate change and access to energy
  • Human capital in developing economies
  • Linguistic space, culture and development

Global governance

  • Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
  • Food Security
  • Health
  • Peace, security, and development in the Sahel
  • Indicators, data, and Observatory for Sustainable Competitiveness

Capacity building and training

Répartition des dépenses entre les programmes (2018)
Répartition des dépenses entre les programmes (2018) – Credit

Quality Labels

FERDI implements the Initiative for Development and Global Governance with the IDDRI (Institut de Development Durable et Relations International), and coordinates the IDGM+ Labex in association with CERDI and IDDRI.

FERDI is a member of the CAP20-25 project, I-SITE Clermont.

FERDI’s publications benefit from a grant from the French State managed by the ANR under the "investments in the future" programme with the reference "ANR-10-LABX-14-01".

Investissement d'avenir – Credit