Workshop on the specificities of energy access in developing countries

Panneaux solaires. Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

October 17, 2019, Paris

Christophe Angely (Ferdi) was designated "Great Witness" of the workshop.

This workshop was organized by the Climate and Development Commission (CCD) of Coordination Sud. This Commission, led by the Geres, offers capitalization workshops, time for exchange between peers, leading to publications.

The capitalization workshop on the Specificities of Energy Access in Developing Countries addressed the following issue: How can we reconcile environment and climate change challenges with socio-economic adaptability for the development of sustainable energy access solutions?

The reflection was based on the experiences of ESF (Café lumière à Madagascar), Gret (Rhyvière project in Madagascar) and MadaCompost in Madagascar), Geres (ZAE in Mali), Entrepreneurs du Monde (Nafa Naana in Burkina Faso), BiSS (solar cookers in Bolivia), Fondem (Pehgui in Guinea) and Initiative Développement (biofuel in Senegal and (FY-DECO in Comores).

The purpose of the workshop was to take stocks and enlighten the community on the choices made by each of the organizations. As "great witness" Christophe Angely (FERDI) reacted to the presentations and debates, highlighting the salient points or contradictions and putting these initiatives in perspective with other reflections, other feedback or analyses resulting from the FERDI's work.