Methodological workshop on the study on security expenditures and their crowding-out effects on the financing of development spending in the G5 Sahel countries

November 20, 2019 > November 21, 2019, Ouagadougou

On 20 and 21 November 2019, the G5 Sahel Permanent Secretariat and the Sahel Chair organized a workshop to clarify the methodology for a study on security spending and its crowding-out effects on the financing of development spending in G5 Sahel member countries.

The workshop brought together the G5 Sahel Permanent Secretariat, the Sahel Chair team, country and international experts involved in the project, representatives of the States who were the focal points, the World Bank team partner of the Sahel Chair for the study, a representative of the International Monetary Fund.

The study therefore aims to:

  • Measure the share of defense and security expenditure and its evolution over the period 2010- 2018;
  • See the correlation between the evolution of these expenditures and those made for development, particularly in the social sectors, and to measure their effects.

This workshop is a first step for the full success of this study.


  • Secrétariat permanent du G5 Sahel

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