Measuring vulnerabilities to improve aid allocation, especially in Africa

This book is part of a long research conducted at the Foundation for Studies and Research on International Development (FERDI) about vulnerability and the allocation of foreign aid. For more than 10 years, FERDI has argued that aid allocation should take into account the structural vulnerability of recipient countries. FERDI has produced a variety of theoretical and practical work on the subject, and progress has been made in this area on the international scene. The book presents a conceptual framework to take into account the different forms of vulnerability in the allocation process. It shows that it is possible to do this without calling into question the principle of performance-based allocation, a principle to which donors are attached, but on the contrary makes performance-based allocation more credible. This work, in its present form, was finished at the beginning of summer 2019. Editorial reasons led to the publication being pushed back to this period of the coronavirus pandemic which is throwing an unforgiving light on the importance of the attention paid to the problems of vulnerability by policymakers.

Guillaumont P., Guillaumont Jeanneney S., Wagner L. (2020) Measuring vulnerabilities to improve aid allocation, especially in Africa, (In French: Mesurer les vulnérabilités pour allouer l’aide au développement, en particulier en Afrique), FERDI, 148 p.