PeaceLab "Investment and Peace" at the World Economic Forum

October 03, 2019, Genève

Christophe Angely, Director of External Relations and Financing at FERDI, participated in the discussions of the group dealing with the phase of armed conflict during the war.

After three sessions in Abidjan, Paris, and Tunis, the "Leaders for Peace" organized a "Peace Lab" on the theme "Investment and Peace" at the World Economic Forum.

A strategic reflection on the role of investments to build a sustainable peace.

During conflict, the role of private firms can be of several kinds: victim, predator, accomplice, humanitarian etc... To preserve peace, it is a matter of protecting vital economic activities, avoiding violations of international law and human rights, and promoting peace. 

This workshop will lead to recommendations that the "Leaders for Peace" will make to high-level international organizations on the priority actions to fund, the actors to target, and the nature of fund to mobilize for sustainable peace.