Istanbul Programme of Action for the LDCs (2011–2020) : Monitoring Deliverables, Tracking Progress – Synthesis Report

LDC IV Monitor is an independent partnership established in September 2011 by eight organisations with track record for working on issues of interest to the least developed countries (LDCs). Through monitoring and assessing the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) adopted by the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (UN LDC IV), it aims to contribute to an improved delivery of commitments made to the LDCs. Drawing its strength from the expertise and capacity of its members, the consortium undertakes policy research, organises dialogues and carries out outreach activities covering the key issues laid out in the IPoA. 
LDC IV Monitor (2014) Istanbul Programme of Action for the LDCs (2011–2020) : Monitoring Deliverables,Tracking Progress – Synthesis Report, 47 p.