Savoirs Eco en Tunisie - Economic Knowledge in Tunisia

The objective of FERDI's activities within the "Savoirs Eco en Tunisie" project is to support the production of scientific and operational analyses related to economic issues in Tunisia and to promote discussions on these matters.


The "Savoirs Eco en Tunisie" support project is a component of the Financing Agreement between the Tunisian government and the European Union. Implemented by Expertise France and funded by the EU for a period of three years (2023-2026), this project aims to facilitate public discussion on economic and sustainable development matters in Tunisia. It does so by providing support to organizations engaged in the generation of economic knowledge, including public decision-making bodies, economic research laboratories, and think tanks.

These Tunisian organizations are dedicated to producing high-quality analyses firmly rooted in robust and up-to-date scientific foundations, all in response to the prevailing economic and social context. The project's initiatives encompass three primary areas: capacity building, assistance in producing policy briefs on economic and sustainable development issues, and the dissemination and popularization of the studies. 

FERDI, a main partner in the project

Expertise France collaborates with several partners on this project. FERDI, as a main partner, is implementing a program of activities entitled "Support for economic think-tanks in Tunisia". This program encompasses the following components:

  1. Methodological and thematic training activities designed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of Tunisian Economic Think Tanks (SPSEs) on significant economic policy matters. These training initiatives will be developed and conducted by IHEDD, a training institute administered by Ferdi.
  2. Assistance in generating economic knowledge by establishing mentoring programs for Tunisian economic think tanks. A call for research projects will be initiated to encourage collaborative proposals between think tanks and research laboratories, addressing various economic themes and substantiating their relevance to the economic discussion in Tunisia.
Oct. 17 2023- Launch of the project

On October 17, 2023, the launch of the "Savoirs Éco en Tunisie" project is scheduled to take place. This event will be held at the IHEC Carthage in the center of Tunis and is anticipated to bring together more than one hundred participants. Among the attendees will be direct beneficiaries, including Tunisian public organizations, economic and social science research laboratories, as well as think tanks based in Tunisia. Tunisian civil society and implementing partners, such as FERDI, INSEE, and GDN, will also be present. Additionally, representatives from the media and technical and financial partners will participate in the event.

The day's agenda will consist of a series of opening speeches, followed by a comprehensive presentation of the "Savoirs Éco en Tunisie" project. The day will conclude with an engaging round-table discussion on the challenges of public debate in the economic sphere in Tunisia and the broader region.


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