Modernization and transformation of agriculture: Technology adoption and impact assessment

Second session specially designed for researchers and decision-makers working in the agricultural field in English-speaking African countries.

IHEDD organised a training on the technology adoption and transformation of agriculture in Sub-Saharan countries. The training was designed for researchers and decision-makers working in the agricultural field in English-speaking African countries.

The training was led by Elisabeth Sadoulet and Alain de Janvry, professors at the University of California at Berkeley and FERDI , and Tanguy Bernard, professor at the University of Bordeaux and IFPRI senior research fellow.

Contributing to the modernization of African agriculture

The aim of this training was to improve mid-career researchers and decision-makers’ training in the design and evaluation of policies and programs to modernize Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) agriculture in particular through the adoption of new technologies and the transformation of rural areas. The course was taught alternatively in French and in English. It was motivated by the important role that agriculture can play for the development of African nations and the frequent under-performance of agriculture relative to potential, in particular in adopting new agricultural technologies and practices.

Bringing together researchers and decision-makers on a common project

The training was based on an innovative pedagogical approach. It required participants to work as a team of two composed of an economist and a decision-maker in the development of a project related to the modernization and transformation of agriculture. The course provided elements of theory, research methods, and statistical tools to assist the development of the project. Teams were selected on the basis of qualifications of participants and the outline of a project proposal to be developed in the course.

Main components of the training

The course was structured around four types of sessions:

  • Economic theory and statistical methods for the design and evaluation of development projects related to the modernization and transformation of agriculture
  • Impact assessment methods, including both randomized controlled trials and other methods
  • Exercises in data use with the Stata statistical package
  • Development of a research proposal by each team

The elements of theory and methods that were covered include:

  • Modernization and transformation of agriculture. Role of information, social networks, and extension on technology adoption
  • Risk and insurance
  • Liquidity constraints and credit
  • Access to markets and profitability
  • Other constraints
  • User Needs Assessment, project design, and development of a business model. Piloting and experimenting.

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