International taxation and taxation in South Sahara

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October 14, 2019, Clermont-Ferrand

The Centre pour les études et recherches sur le dévloppement international (CERDI) organized a workshop with the participation of Mrs. Bénédicte Peyrol, MP, and Mr. Mario Mansour (Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center of the International Monetary Fund).

This workshop was an opportunity to discuss tax policy in France and Africa.

The first part of this workshop focused on tax evasion and aggressive tax optimisation by multinational companies, affecting tax revenues in both developed and developing countries. Solutions initiated by the French Republic, the OECD or the International Monetary Fund to combat these phenomena were outlined and discussed. 

CERDI's contributions on tax policy issues in Africa were presented in the second part of this workshop. This work program was based on numerous collaborations with international organizations such as the IMF or the World Bank, or national organizations such as the French Development Agency, the Foundation for International Development Studies and Research (FERDI) or Droit Afrique.

Taxation of multinational companies in a globalized economy.
9-10:15 AM

Mrs Bénédicte Peyrol, MP, Rapporteur, Member of the Finance Committee will present the French National Assembly's information report dated 12 September 2018 on: International corporate tax evasion

Mr. Mario Mansour, Center Coordinator, Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center at the International Monetary Fund, will present the official position of the IMF Executive Board on international taxation.

Presentation of some of the work on taxation in developing countries carried out at CERDI-CNRS-UCA:
10:15-11:30 AM

1. Alou Adessse Dama (CERDI-CNRS PhD candidate): The tax effort in sub-Saharan Africa. This analysis is based on a new tax database resulting from a partnership between CERDI and the IMF.

2. Bertrand Laporte (Senior Lecturer, UCA and CERDI-CNRS): Mining taxation and sharing of mining income in Africa. CERDI and FERDI have developed a historical database for fifteen gold producing countries.

3. Fayçal Sawadogo (doctoral student CERDI-CNRS): Taxation of telecommunications in Africa and intersectoral comparisons.

4. Emilie Caldeira (Senior Lecturer, UCA and CERDI-CNRS) and Anne Marie Geourjon (FERDI): Tax Expenditures. Estimation methodology and applications.

5. Jean-François Brun (Senior Lecturer, UCA and CERDI-CNRS): Computerization of tax administrations and VAT revenues in sub-Saharan Africa.

6. Grégoire Heber-Suffrin (Director of Droit Afrique): The transcription of tax policies into national legislation.


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