International Symposium - 50th Anniversary of the Central Bank of Madagascar

September 28, 2023 > September 29, 2023, Madagascar

Invited to this symposium, Ferdi will take part in discussions on the challenges facing central banks (climate change and financial innovations)

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, the Central Bank of Madagascar (Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara) is inviting experts, opinion leaders and decision-makers from around the world to attend this event and engage in discussions centered around two themes: central banks and climate change, and central banks and financial and technological innovations.

FERDI was extended an invitation to aid in the program's preparation and will be responsible for introducing several sessions.

One of these sessions is titled "Monetary Policies, Foreign Exchange Reserves, and Climate Change." The scientific speakers for this session will be Sylviane Guillaumont Jeanneney, a Scientific Adviser at Ferdi, and Roland Kpodar, an IMF Senior Economist and Ferdi Senior Fellow. Patrick Guillaumont, Chairman of Ferdi, will serve as the session's moderator.

Another session, titled "Innovations and Financial Inclusion," will feature Florian Léon, a Research Fellow at Ferdi. He will participate in the discussion on innovations and financial inclusion, focusing on the role of central banks in promoting financial digitization.