Intertemporal Poverty Comparisons

The paper deals with poverty orderings when multidimensional attributes exhibit some degree of comparability. The paper focuses on an important special case of this, that is, comparisons of poverty that make use of incomes at different time periods. The ordering criteria extend the power of earlier multidimensional dominance tests by making (reasonable) assumptions on the relative marginal contributions of each time dimension to poverty. Inter alia, this involves drawing on natural symmetry and asymmetry assumptions as well as on the mean/variability framework commonly used in the risk literature. The resulting procedures make it possible to check for the robustness of poverty comparisons to choices of intertemporal aggregation procedures and to areas of intertemporal poverty frontiers. The results are illustrated using a rich sample of 23 European countries over 2006–2009.

Bresson, F., Duclos, JY. (2015) "Intertemporal Poverty Comparisons", Social Choice and Welfare, vol. 44 (3), pp. 567-616