Europe Beyond Aid: Assessing Europe’s Commitment to Development Assistance

6 novembre 2014, Paris

Un événement organisé par la Ferdi et le Center for Global Development (CGD)

Le Center for Global Development (CGD) et La Fondation pour les Études et Recherches sur le Développement (FERDI), organisent un atelier-discussion sur le sujet "Europe Beyond Aid: Assessing Europe’s Commitment to Development Assistance".

Note :

Provision of foreign aid is often the main policy area people think of when assessing the contribution of rich countries to development abroad, and notwithstanding the increasing significance of beyond aid policies, aid will remain high on the political agenda, in Europe and elsewhere, in the coming years.

Europe Beyond Aid uses the Commitment to Development Index (CDI) to examine Europe’s collective pursuit of development friendly policies. The dialogue will discuss the draft of a new CGD paper entitled: ‘Europe Beyond Aid: Assessing Europe’s Commitment to Development Assistance’ authored by Patrick Guillaumont and Andrew Rogerson. The authors evaluate European contribution to development assistance over the past decade, discuss major trends and patterns of European performance and identify possible areas of improvement.

The seminar will further discuss the implications of European policy for the world’s poorest countries, the underlying policy framework, and policy recommendations for European institutions and member countries. The meeting will be chaired by Owen Barder, CGD Senior Fellow and Director for Europe.