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The French Inter-ministry Exchange and Coordination Platform on the Mobilisation of Domestic Public Resources (MRIP) is an information and coordination support for French stakeholders within the framework of the implementation of the French Strategic Investment Plan for Development (PISD).


The mobilisation of domestic public resources is the capacity of States to raise revenue, mainly through taxation, and to use it to finance their growth. It is the biggest source of development finance in Africa, and is much larger than official development assistance.

The French Strategic Investment Plan for Development (PISD)

French official development assistance is becoming more involved in the mobilisation of domestic resources in the framework of the new inter-ministry coordination between the French Ministries of Economics & Finance and Europe & Foreign Affairs.

The implementation of this strategy requires the implementation of a strategic investment plan for development. This multi-year plan will provide 60 million euros for strengthening initiatives to mobilise domestic resources.

The French Inter-ministry Exchange and Coordination Platform on the Mobilization of Domestic Public Resources (MRIP)

This collaborative platform was created at the initiative of the French Ministries of Economy & Finance and Europe & Foreign Affairs. 

The platform consists of a network of actors, and it offers the possibility of acting in coordination, and having a better understanding of French interventions.

Its main missions are:

  • To coordinate the actions of the various actors 
  • To develop the link between the civil service and research to consolidate France's offer of expertise on the international scene. 
  • To monitor the Strategic Development Investment Plan 2020-2022 and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of French interventions
  • To train French stakeholders by inter-ministry seminars
  • To involve civil society in the thinking about support for the MRIP 
  • To increase French participation at seminars and conferences to promote the priorities of the strategy. 
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irst annual progress report of the strategic investment plan for development

 To be accountable to its partners, the platform is publishing its 2022 progress report. It contains the actions carried out during 2021 and draws the first lessons for the remaining implementation period. 


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