Call for papers "Tax gaps and the financing of Sustainable Development Goals: Case studies from sub-Saharan African countries"

March 15, 2024,

Submission by March 25th 2024

This call for papers is now closed.

The inter-ministerial strategy to support Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM) in developing economies, published in June 2020, confirmed France’s commitment at the Addis Ababa conference (2015) to support DRM in developing countries. The French DRM strategy has three objectives: 

  •  Develop effective tax policies; 
  • Modernize tax and customs administrations in partner countries; 
  •  Optimize international cooperation on DRM. This strategy was made operational through the Strategic Investment Plan for Development (PISD).

The PISD supports the effective mobilization of domestic tax and non-tax resources in fragile countries, in order to increase fiscal space for public development policies and to ensure their greater financial resilience to various crises. 


In order to ensure the effective implementation of this strategy, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEFA) and the French Treasury have set up the Exchange and Coordination Platform on the mobilization of domestic public resources (MRIP), bringing together the French public and private actors involved in supporting DRM in developing countries. The MRIP platform has decided to fund the production of research papers, aimed at generating knowledge and providing food for thought for the members of the DRM platform in defining future projects. 


This third call for papers focuses on tax gaps and the financing of sustainable development goals in sub-Saharan African countries.