Webinar: Excise tax and Health

April 11, 2024, En ligne

Webinar organised as part of the French Interministerial Platform on the Mobilisation of Domestic Public Resources (MRIP).

This webinar presents the main issues related to the design and implementation of excise tax for public health purposes, going beyond the prospect of raising tax revenue associated with this form of taxation. Discussions with a panel of experts and institutions working on these issues provided an opportunity to tackle these problems from both an academic and an operational point of view.

Anouck Daubrée, Research assistant for Ferdi's Taxation for Development programme, introduced the concept of excise duties during the webinar. The panel then explored the connection between excise duties and public health issues.


Moderation : Anne-Marie Geourjon, Co-manager of the Taxation for Developement program, FERDI and Associate reseacher, CERDI-UCA. 

2pm - 2.05pm : Opening and introductory presentaion 

2.05pm - 2.55pm : Panellists' comments

2.55pm - 3.10pm : Discussions between panellists

3.10pm - 3.30pm : Discussion with the online audience


  • Antoine Cazals, Tax Policy Economist, Country Tax Policy Unit, OECD 
  • Mario Mansour, Division Chief, Tax policy division,  International Monetary Fund, IMF 
  • Zunda Chisha, Programme Director, World Health Organisation FCTC Knowledge Hub on tobacco taxation, and Reseacher, University of Cape Town
  • Salifou Tiemtoré, Director of the Customs and Taxation Union, Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS