Feasibility study for the creation of a university of excellence in the CEMAC zone

CEMAC has the ambition of creating a regional university of excellence by 2022-2023.

Complete • April 30, 2022

 This project, driven by the President of the CEMAC Commission, Professor Daniel ONA ONDO, has received the support of the 6 member countries. It was decided that this regional university of excellence would     be based in Equatorial Guinea, on the Djibloho campus, and that it would be supported by a network of satellite institutes/training centres of excellence which are present in various CEMAC member countries. One of the main objectives of this university of excellence and the satellite institutes is to meet the training and subsequent employment needs of Central African youth. If the CEMAC countries were to look ahead for the next 20 years, what skills would they need to sustain their growth and be competitive?

The work carried out by FERDI draws up a qualitative and objective inventory of higher education and research in the 6 CEMAC countries. This inventory is followed by a critical analysis of the project to create a university of excellence and satellite institutes. It first presents the elements relating to the general organisation of the university and the governance of the project, and then proposes a reference framework that should help guide the Commission's action to ensure the excellence of the project in the dimensions relating to training, research, and international openness.  This reference framework is based on indicators and target values.

Ferdi (2022) Étude de faisabilité pour la création d’une université d’excellence en zone CEMAC. Rapport Ferdi pour la CEMAC, mars 2022.

Étude réalisée par la Ferdi, sous la responsabilité de Vianney Dequiedt et Philippe Messéant, avec la participation de Pengd-Wendé Richard Nikiema et Pierre Ouedraogo. Cette étude a été réalisée en collaboration avec Bertrand Doukpolo, Directeur de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de la Formation Professionnelle de la Commission de la CEMAC, et les six points focaux : Patrick Abane Engolo, Pergentino Esangui Ondo, Yambaïdjé Madjindaye, Jean M’Boliguipa, Yvon-Pierre Ndongo-Ibara et Jean-François Owaye. 


  • Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa - CEMAC