Regional workshop on the sanction mechanism for violations of multilateral surveillance rules

August 21, 2019, Douala

This meeting is the first under on this topic under the Convention signed, late 2018, between the CEMAC Commission and the Foundation for Studies and Research on International Development (FERDI).

The objective of this workshop was to discuss Ferdi's proposal before consultations with Member states. 

In addition to Commissioner Clément Bélibanga in charge of the Department of Economic, Monetary and Financial Policies (DPEMF), to the delegation from the CEMAC Commission, and to FERDI, the workshop was attended by representants of the central bank (BEAC), and the regional stock exchange (BVMAC). The regulator COBAC could not attend physically but contributed through the CEMAC commission and the BEAC representant.

The CEMAC delegation consisted of the Director of Multilateral Surveillance, the Director of Economic Studies, the Director of Statistics and the Economic Advisor to the Chairman of the CEMAC Commission.