Meeting of the working group of the "Human Resources for Health" network

May 21, 2019 > May 22, 2019, Genève

Jacky Mathonnat (CERDI CNRS-Université Clermont Auvergne and FERDI) participated in this meeting.

The Human Resources for Health Network Working Group met on 21-22 May at WHO headquarters in Geneva under the leadership of Pascal Zurn, Coordinator, Health Labour Market Unit, WHO Health Workforce Department, on the margins of the WHO Global Assembly. Composed of academics including Jacky Mathonnat (Senior Fellow and Head of the Ferdi Health Programme) and health professionals, the purpose of this network is to contribute to the improvement of health human resources policies in order to better address the major issues facing low- and middle-income countries in achieving the Health MDGs, and in particular

- how to reduce the health human resource deficit

- how to improve the training of health personnel and the quality of care they provide

- how to put in place compensation mechanisms for health workers to achieve better health outcomes.

A series of case studies for WHO is being carried out and a forthcoming Handbook on health human resources policies is being produced.