Launch of the project "Savoirs Éco Tunisia"

October 17, 2023, Tunis

The official launch of the "Savoirs Éco en Tunisie" project was scheduled for October 17, 2023, in the heart of Tunis, at IHEC Carthage. It was attended by official authorities, project beneficiaries, technical and financial partners, civil society, and the media.

The Savoirs Éco project aims to support public debate on economic issues in Tunisia by strengthening economic knowledge producing institutions (SPSEs).  More specifically, the project aims to encourage the strengthening and emergence of SPSEs working on scientific and operational research. It will also promote the extension, dissemination and experimentation of the analyses produced by the SPSEs, in particular analyses including the issues of social justice and gender equality. 

The project is a component of the Financing Agreement between the Tunisian government and the European Union. Implemented by Expertise France and funded by the EU for a period of three years (2023-2026).

FERDI is one of the project's partners, and researchers Vianney Dequiedt, Scientific Director of the FERDI, and Audrey-Anne de Ubeda, Head of Management and Coordination of Research Programmes at FERDI, took part in the event.

Lancement du projet Savoirs Eco Tunis
A partir de 9h30.

Accès à l'événement sur invitation.

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Welcome Message

Introductory Remarks by the Moderator

Introductory Speeches
Speeches by the Main Project Stakeholders

  • Ambassador of the European Union (or their representative)
  • French Ambassador
  • Director of Operations or Geographical Director of Expertise France
  • Minister for the Economy and Planning
  • Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research

Presentation of the "Savoirs Éco en Tunisie" Project by the Project Team

Background of the project, presentation of the objectives, the activities, and partners
Presentation of FERDI's Involvement in the "Savoirs Eco" Project (Vianney Dequiedt)

Round Table Discussion

Open Discussion on the challenges of public debate in the wider economic field in Tunisia and the region. The round table will include three presentations on:

The current state and Challenges of Public debate on economic issues in Tunisia.

The conditions for a pluralist and inclusive  public debate.

Prospective challenges for public debate on economic issues in the Tunisiancontext