Indicators and data for Climate resilient Development: from data to information and knowledge to policy actions

March 25, 2015, Bruxelles

Organized by the European Commission's Joint Research Center (JRC-­IES) and DG DEVCO C2

Many initiatives are in place or have been announced to support climate adaptation and resilience for the most vulnerable countries. Global efforts to set the world on a climate change resilient development pathway require understanding of the relationships between climate change and development as well as metrics for the identification of the countries, groups of people, and sectors most seriously threatened by climate change. 

The final objective of this workshop was the identification of a core set indicators and data sets with a global coverage for the key determinants of climate resilient development  (natural hazards related to climate change, vulnerability, adaptive capacity, mitigation, resilience, and development) to guide policy actions in this area. It has offered the opportunity of knowledge sharing between experts, scientists and practitioners.

Patrick Guillaumont took part at the session focused on Indicators and selection criteria : Measuring vulnerability to climate change to allocate adaptation resources

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