Fourth visit to support the implementation of the third tax expenditure evaluation exercise in the Republic of Guinea

November 11, 2019 > November 15, 2019, Conakry

Visit by Anne-Marie Geourjon (FERDI) and Emilie Caldeira (University Clermont Auvergne, CNRS, CERDI).

This visit was carried out as part of the project to support the evaluation of tax expenditures in the Republic of Guinea, for which Expertise France commissioned FERDI.

This last visit was for a specific request from the Minister of the Budget to support the members of his cabinet in the dissemination of the study's results. The aim was to present the approach and results of the tax expenditure evaluation exercise, the various stages having been previously validated by the departments concerned during the three previous visits. 

With the support of FERDI, the team from the Ministry of the Budget engaged in the implementation of the tax expenditure evaluation study presented the objectives, methodology, and results obtained to: 

  1. The Office of the Minister of the Budget,
  2. The Economic and Social Council,
  3. The Private Investment Promotion Agency,
  4. The EU Delegation.


  • Expertise France