The Role of Bulgaria’s Extension Service in Supporting the CAP

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was implemented in Bulgaria in 2007. Due to its complexity, farmers requested specific assistance from agricultural extension services. Drawing on interviews with extension service stakeholders, the authors explore the functioning and shortcomings of the current Bulgarian public and private extension systems in assisting farmers to benefit from policy measures. Insufficient staff numbers, a lack of skills and expertise, unclear tasks and responsibilities, and low accessibility for the most vulnerable farmers are identified as issues. The paper highlights the need to reform the Bulgarian Farm Advisory System to cope with these weaknesses in light of the forthcoming CAP Measure 114.

Labart, K., V. Dirimanova et I. Theesfeld. 2012. “The Role of Bulgaria’s Extension Service in Supporting the CAP”, Outlook on Agriculture, Vol.41, No 1, p. 21-25.