The Challenge of Strengthening Public Sector Institutions in the Sahel

The fragility of Sahelian states is clearly linked to their intrinsic vulnerability, a result of their landlocked situation, their climate, and weak economies. However, it is also caused by extremely weak institutions. Their institutions dealing with economic issues in particular, Ministries of Finance, Budget, Planning, Economy, Trade, etc.  are fragmented and poorly coordinated, both at central and local level. Inadequate organizations and staffing as well as silo operating working methods are major obstacles to rapid implementation of national development programs needed to swiftly improve people’s living conditions. 

Michailof, S. (2018) "he Challenge of Strengthening Public Sector Institutions in the Sahel", FERDI Policy brief B174, June 2018This short note summarizes many years of reflection by this writer, based on experience gained in severely fragile countries. It will soon be the subject of a more in-depth working document. The views expressed in this document are those of its author and do not necessarily reflect those of FERDI.

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