Entreprenante Afrique

In their last book, published by Odile Jacob, Jean-Michel Severino and Jérémy Hajdenberg demonstrate how the economic growth and the development of the African continent is building upon a booming private sector, and most specifically upon emerging startups and small growing businesses.By 2050, the GDP of the African continent could get close to UE current GDP, while its population will count more than 2 billion inhabitants. At the heart of this transformation, a new generation of entrepreneurs is writing the economic and social history of the continent. The book is an invitation to discover these entrepreneurs: who are they and what are their motivations? In what sectors of activity do they operate? How do they innovate and come to restructure the social and economic model of the continent?From agro-industry to telecommunications, from the construction sector to health, tourism or energy, a new economy is emerging in Sub-Saharan Africa. While acknowledging its weaknesses and the challenges ahead, Jean-Michel Severino and Jérémy Hajdenberg explain in their book how the African growth engaged in a virtuous circle where challenges become opportunities. Building up on its strong and booming domestic market, this Africa offers promising perspectives as a key contributor to global growth.More information : http://www.entreprenanteafrique.com/   

Entreprenante Afrique, de Jean-Michel Severino et Jérémy Hajdenberg, éd. Odile Jacob, 285 pages, 24,90 euros.