Webinar on taxation and gender

September 26, 2023, En ligne

Webinar organized by the French Inter-ministry Exchange and Coordination Platform on the Mobilisation of Domestic Public Resources (MRIP).

This conference highlights gender bias and inequality in the tax system. However, recognizing and addressing these gender biases in policy-making can lead to more equitable tax systems and potentially foster positive economic impacts, benefiting both formal and informal sectors. 

The panel brought together researchers and practitioners working on these issues, offering a comprehensive perspective that spans both the academic and operational realms. 

The French platform for interministerial exchange and coordination on the mobilisation of domestic public resources (MRIP) provides information and coordination for French operators as part of the implementation of the French strategic investment plan for development (PISD).


  • Katherine Baer (IMF) : presentation of the study "Gender and Revenue Administration: Principles and Practices". 
  • Michelle Harding (OECD): presentation of recent OECD work on gender and taxation.   
  • Vanessa van den Boogard (ICTD): presentation on taxation and gender, with a focus on the informal economy. 
  • Sofie Lambert (UN Women): sectoral gender analysis of the Moroccan tax system. 
  • Eugénie Ribault (Expertise France): presentation on ways of taking gender issues into account in technical assistance projects in the field of taxation.

  Moderation:  François Tardif, Expertise France.