Transformative Investment for Sustainable Development (TISD) : Last workshop on case studies

March 27, 2017, Paris

Jacky Mathonnat and Aurore Pélissier will present the case study «How Results-Based Financing approach can contribute to the health SDGs Policy oriented lessons from what we know and what don’t know yet »

The final workshop of the Transformative Investment for Sustainable Development Project (TISD),  coordinated by the IDDRI, in collaboration with Ferdi and with the support of the AFD and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will be hosted by the AFD on 27 March 2017 (by invitation).

The Iddri and Ferdi teams will present the results of their research on the following case studies:

  1. a comparative analysis of two different initiatives aimed at bridging the knowledge gap on how to establish long-term policies with clear objectives, strategies and pathways, namely the Agricultural Transformation Pathways Initiative and the Green Morocco Plan
  2. the potential and achievements of guarantees for urban development. 
  3. identifying the barriers to defining and implementing effective and efficient health strategies, and exploring the metrics or quality health case in low- and middle-income countries. 

Discussions will focus on the development of recommendations on financing for development. These will be published after the workshop in the form of Policy Briefs and disseminated within IDDRI-AFD networks.

-------------- The Transformative Investment for Sustainable Development Project (TISD) 

The Transformative Investment for Sustainable Development Project (TISD) brings together key development actors - including aid and development agencies, financial intermediaries and regulators, commercial banks and think tanks - to contribute to the French, European and global conversation on development financing around particular key sectors.

It seeks to encourage new ways of thinking on the multiple challenges and opportunities facing the development community, including the global debate on the 2030 Development Agenda and related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The project aims at contributing to the elaboration of innovative partnerships and initiatives for financing and implementing the 2030 transformative objectives.

IDDRI and FERDI are collaborating on this project in the Initiative for Development and Global Governance Initiative (IDGM) framework. The themes selected by FERDI and IDDRI are the financing of health (Ferdi), financing of infrastructure, cities and agriculture ( IDDRI). Each theme is the subject of a case study published in 2017.