Trade and Development

September 28, 2012, Genève

Held with the support of the Ferdi and was organized by several researchers who have specifically worked with Jaime de Melo including Olivier Cadot and Céline Carrère, senior fellow at the Ferdi.

Several specialists particularly known in the domains of trade and development made their contribution to this conference.

Patrick and Sylviane Guillaumont also participated in this conference and gave a communication : " The potential impact of the regional integration on the growth: a simple method applied to the Unions of the Zone franc ".

The participants brought their testimony on the importance the contributions of Jaime de Melo in the domains of trade and international development. They greeted the human quality of collaborations established with him.
( See the program).

Jaime de Melo was professor at the University of Geneva from 1993 to 2012 and he is Senior Fellow at the Ferdi since 2011. His research focuses on links between regionalism and multilateralism, trade policies and migratory policies, trade and environment.