The Proxy Workshop 2014

February 04, 2014, Bergen

Presentation of the index "Kinship in Public Office (KPO)" and "Revolving door indicator"

Development practitioners and academics met at The Proxy Workshop in Bergen to discuss new, innovative ways to measure corruption. In the future, aid agencies in developing countries may benefit from the new approaches presented. The Proxy Challenge Competition has put the spotlight on five shortlisted proposals, defended before a panel of international experts from renowned institutions (World Bank, DFID, UK and US Universities).

Joël Cariolle (Fellow Ferdi), Frédéric Lesné (Phd candidate at Cerdi)  and  Bernard Gauthier (Professor at the Institute of Applied Economics, HEC Montreal) presented the index "Kinship in Public Office (KPO)" :     

Joël Cariolle, Frédéric Lesné and Elise S. Brezis (Bar-Ilan University)  presented the "revolving door indicator" :       


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