Ministerial meeting

July 28, 2014 > July 31, 2014, Cotonou

on new partnerships for productive capacity building in the least developed countries (LDC)

In order to foster the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA), Benin has organised the Ministerial Conference on New Partnerships for Productive Capacity Building in LDCs. The Conference identified new and innovative partnerships to support efforts of LDCs to strengthen their productive capacity, which is the first priority area of the IPoA. It also focused on appropriate means of implementation. Some issues, like gender and women empowerment, employment and sustainable development, were cross-cutting.

The programme : 

Link tho the event website   (UN OHRLLS) :


Alassane Drabo, Research Officer at Ferdi was discussant at the side event on the graduation prospects organised by UNDSA.

The session discussed  the article written by Hiroshi Kawamura, CDP Secretariat, UN/DESA, on the prospects of achieving a main goal of the Istanbul Programme of Action -- at least half of the LDCs to meet the graduation criteria by 2020, based on the graduation criteria established by the Committee for Development Policy, and the current trends in socio-economic indicators of LDCs.


Presentation by Alassane Drabo :