Has globalization really gone too far?

March 09, 2020, Clermont-Ferrand

Lecture by Shanta Devarajan, Professor of Development Economics at Georgetown University, former Chief Economist at the World Bank after serving as Chief Economist for Africa, South Asia, and Middle East.

Following the invitation of  FERDI and CERDI-UCA, Shanta Devarajan gave a lecture to about a hundred of CERDI’s students and GPE Master’s students on the  topic of trade liberalization. 

The objective of the conference was to present the factors contributing to the decline in trade liberalization effectiveness. Indeed, some countries, despite trade liberalization, do not record employment, wages, or GDP growth. For each of the countries studied, Shanta Devarajan showed that there was imperfect trade liberalization,  Monopoly situations in non-tradable goods may have remained for example. According to Shanta Devarajan, we need to go further in liberalization and reduce, for example, monopoly situations on non-tradable goods, especially domestic transport. 

His speech was followed by numerous exchanges with the audience on the links between trade liberalization and environment, trade liberalization and peace.

On Wednesday 11 March, Shanta Devarajan, gave  a seminar at CERDI on "Competitiveness in Africa: What is the role of natural resources?"


  • Centre d'études et de recherches sur le développement international (CERDI)