Fund managers meeting organized by the consulting firm Trans-National Research

November 08, 2019, Paris

Christophe Angely was invited to discuss the situation in West Africa with investors from the United Kingdom and the United States.

The consulting firm Trans-National Research organized this meeting in preparation for the travel of a delegation of institutional fund managers to Gabon, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, and Senegal.

Christophe Angely, Director of Strategy at FERDI, was invited to discuss the propagation effects of the prevailing insecurity situation in the Sahel region and its possible impact on neighboring economies.

Based on the data of the Sustainable Competitiveness Observatory (SCO), this meeting allowed a detailed discussion on specific countries of interest to this group of investors.

For background, Trans-National Research Corporation is a consulting firm that specializes in providing portfolio managers and corporate strategists with macro-economic and political research on a wide range of global markets.