"Breakfast on Development" organised by AFD and KFW

October 10, 2012, Paris

"Do emerging countries need help?" : a discussion leads by Patrick Guillaumont at the invitation of AFD.

AFD organises regularly  debates on the aid for development under the term « Breakfast on Development ». The aim is to discuss a topic that the AFD wants to share with  its interlocutors.

October the 10th, Patrick Guillaumont was invited to present  the dicussion on aid for emerging countries : "Do emerging countries need help?"

The European Aid is at a cross road. The growth that "emerging countries" have experienced in the last decade, combined with yhe unprecedented economic crisis that has hit Europ, could justify a stronger focus the European aid on countries most in need. This approach is currently adopted by the Commission- the so-called "differentiation". At the same time, Member states have developed a new kind of cooperation - that has proven to be very efficient - with emerging countries such as China, Colombia, or Indonesia. To what extent should Europe cooperate with "richer" countries?