A Global Assessment of Human Capital Mobility: The Role of Non-OECD Destinations

Discussions of high-skilled mobility typically evoke migration patterns from poorer to wealthier countries, which ignore movements to and between developing countries. This paper presents, for the first time, a global overview of human capital mobility through bilateral migration stocks by gender and education in 1990 and 2000, and calculation of nuanced brain drain indicators. Building on newly collated data, we use a novel estimation procedure based on a pseudo-gravity model. We identify key determinants of international migration, which we subsequently use to impute missing data. Non-OECD destinations account for one-third of skilled-migration, while OECD destinations are declining in relative importance.

Artuc, E., Docquier,F., Ozden,C., Parsons, C. (2015) "A global asessment of human capital mobility: the role of non-OECD destinations" World Development, vol. 65, January 2015, pp. 6-26